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Informação Turística Lucete Fortes 

Lúcia Andrade Fortes

CP 721
2001 Mindelo
Republik Kap Verde
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tel +238 2324267
fax +238 2300455
NIF 50386801

The gallery shows fotos by:

Florian Dürmer

Professional Photographer
Camera Assistent in movie production




Dr. Pitt Reitmaier

specialist in tropical medicine
hobby cartographer
hobby photographer

in Cape Verde since 1981

Single licences for text, maps, fotos and graphs for reproduction on web-sites, in print and other media can be purchased from the authors. Please inquire by e-mail.

Photographer assignments
are welcome in areas of our core-competence (cartography, reportage, landscape, architecture and hotel photography).
Please inquire by e-mail.

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All kinds of reproduction in print including fotocopying, scanning, copying and processing by electronic means, in total and detail are prohibited.
Note: Cape Verde is member of the World Intellectual Property Organization WIPO since July 7, 1997.

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